As a Kent HR consultant, I often deal with many reoccurring issues such as lateness or performance. However HR covers a far broader range of issues. Employers can set themselves apart from others in a challenging labour market by taking the lead on some of the wider HR issues such as fertility, neonatal care or living with the menopause.


Awareness group Fertility Matters at Work (FMAW) have produced new guidance for employers. It sets out how employers can support those experiencing infertility or going through fertility treatment. The guidance aims to make organisations ‘fertility friendly’. FMAW aims to:

  • help organisations understand the challenges of balancing fertility treatment with work
  • educate the workforce to support employees experiencing fertility issues
  • highlight the benefits of providing paid time off for treatment and recovery
  • encourage employers to provide private areas to accept sensitive phone calls
  • help employers understand that not all fertility journeys are the same
  • help companies raise awareness of fertility issues to create a more inclusive and supportive workplace
  • encourage employers to be more flexible with last minute leave requests
  • encourage employers to provide a space for safe storage and administration of medications.

When you outsource your human resources support to a HR consultant, they will be able to advise how you can implement these suggestions at your your organisation.

Neonatal Care

The Neonatal Care (Leave and Pay) Bill has recently passed its second reading in Parliament.

Neonatal care leave will apply to parents of babies who are admitted to hospital up to the age of 28 days, and for a continuous stay in hospital of 7 full days or more.

This new entitlement will not come into law until at least 2024.

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