The year 2024 brings significant HR legal changes impacting workers and employers across the United Kingdom. These modifications are designed to enhance workers’ rights, create more predictable working patterns, and bolster financial security for employees in their retirement years. This article sheds light on the imminent alterations and what they signify for both parties.

  1. Request for More Predictable Hours: Workers with unpredictable working patterns, including those on zero-hours contracts, will soon have the right to request a more stable and predictable work schedule from their employers. This could involve a minimum guaranteed number of hours or clarity on workdays.
    • Implications for Employers: Employers will need to engage in a structured process when receiving such requests, akin to the right to request flexible working. While it offers benefits to workers, it may impose administrative burdens on employers.
    • Who Will be Affected: This change will impact all employers utilising fixed-term contracts or employing workers with irregular working patterns.
    • Implementation: Expected to take effect in autumn 2024.
  2. Pension Auto-enrolment: A significant modification to pension auto-enrolment laws is anticipated in 2024. Currently, employers are required to auto-enroll workers into a pension scheme when they reach 22 years of age. The impending change will lower this age to 18.
    • Implications for Employers: Employers will face additional administrative tasks and increased pension contributions as more employees are enrolled at a younger age.
    • Who Will be Affected: All employers will be impacted by this adjustment.
    • Implementation: Expected to be enforced in 2024.

Recap on Other New Laws Coming in 2024:

In addition to the significant changes mentioned above, several other laws will come into effect in 2024, addressing a range of issues including care leave, neonatal leave, tips in the hospitality sector, rights of pregnant employees during a redundancy exercise, overhauled flexible working request systems, and minimum service levels during strikes.


The year 2024 brings a wave of legal amendments aimed at enhancing employee rights and working conditions. Employers need to prepare for these changes, ensuring compliance and proactive measures to adapt to the evolving landscape of employment regulations in the United Kingdom. To stay informed and be ready for the upcoming transformations get in touch and I can explain how HR Support from Peninsula can support your business navigate these forthcoming HR legal changes.