HR Documentation

It is vital that your HR documentation is legally compliant and kept up to date. When you work with me and Peninsula, you will be allocated a named advisor. They will work with you to create your company documents.

The documents will include the Statement of Main Terms (SMTs) (Commonly referred to as an employee contract). The Good Work Plan made it a legal requirement employees to receive their SMTs from day one of employment. This will set out details such as rate of pay, hours, holidays and place of work.

Your company policies are documented in your staff handbook. These rules set out what expectations you have of your employees. It is essential that it contains certain policies such as grievance and disciplinary procedures. However, you can also include any policy that is relevant to the business; for example some family oriented companies have a policy stating their staff must be smiling when interacting with customers.

Other common inclusions are policies concerning maternity, sickness, social media, equal opportunities to name just a small number. The policies included help protect your business and the tone can match your company’s culture.

Working with Peninsula will give you a concise, well written staff handbook. It will contain all the policies that are needed to protect you and your business. We support over 40,000 SMEs in the UK and have created policies that many of our customers have not considered. Consequently, these prove invaluable when the situation arises.

We also supply a library of template documents such as a return to work interview or sickness self certification form.

Health & Safety Documentation

As with the HR documentation, your Peninsula advisor will support you with your health and safety documents. If your business has five or more employees, it is a legal requirement to have a written health and safety policy. We will write your policies and procedures, and create a health and safety management system for your business.

Risk assessments are important to manage the risks that the owners, directors, employees and anyone else effected by the company operations are exposed to. With a library of over 670 risk assessment templates your advisor will work with you to customise the relevant risk assessments for your business.