When a health & safety inspector calls……..

While the inspector is there, they may:

  • ask about workers and what they do
  • look at any possible health risks arising from the work being carried out
  • look at any machinery or other equipment in place
  • ask to see records or other documents & take photographs

The inspector will want to know about:

  • the main health and safety issues in the workplace
  • their own knowledge or experience of health and safety

After the inspector has finished looking round the workplace, they might:

  • offer advice (either verbal or in writing)
  • present a notification of contravention
  • present an improvement notice
  • present a prohibition notice prosecute you for breaching health and safety laws.

Are you managing all your risks?

Have a go at our quick checklist and see:

Health and Safety

  • Do you have a written health & safety management policy?
  • Do you review and update this on a regular basis?
  • Are all employees trained and guided through this upon induction?
  • Do you have ongoing training for existing staff on health & safety matters?
  • Do you have a competent person for health & safety?
  • Do you have a responsible person for fire safety?
  • Are staff and management aware of their health & safety responsibilities?
  • Are health & safety posters prominently displayed?
  • Do you carry out risk assessments and follow this up with monitoring procedures?
  • Do you have a system of accident reporting and recording?
  • Do you have 24 hour access to specialist advice on health & safety matters?
  • Do you comply with the terms and conditions of your liability insurance?

If you are concerned that you have some holes in your current health and safety arrangements, contact me for more information on how Peninsula UK can help you. I visit businesses across Kent and Medway and can give you advice on how you can meet your duty of care requirements.