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One of the great parts of my job as a London HR Consultant is meeting business owners from different industries. It is fascinating learning about their businesses and understanding their HR problems.

HR is a complex and often confusing subject that can cause worry and stress. Take away the worry by working with me as your London HR consultant. With the support of my colleagues at Peninsula we will ensure your paperwork is legally sound. We then provide you the tools, including our own software and 24/7 advice line to manage HR and employment law issues on a day-to-day basis.

There are so many issues which get covered by HR and over the last month I’ve seen customers across London and Kent with issues ranging from wanting to have compliant documentation through to sexual harassment tribunal claims. Here is a snapshot of last month…

London HR Support

I’ve been to Brixton several times this month where I have met with a charity to discuss their HR and indeed health and safety requirements. They had some documents in place, but the founder was keen to improve on them and set up a system to manage HR on a day-to-day basis. Health and safety was a concern too as the founder knew more needed to be done to be compliant with health and safety law.

Also in Brixton I met a trustee of a local housing association. Although the trustees were volunteers, the association did have employees. The board of trustees was keen to ensure that employees received a compliant contract, and that policies were in place so that any potential issues could be dealt with in a straight-forward manner.

One of my favourite meetings was with a business owner in Greenwich. The business was starting to grow and they had recently taken on their first employees. The owner was keen to get HR policies and procedures in place to avoid problems in the future. It was great to speak to someone who understood his obligations as a business owner and wanted to do the right thing.

In Kennington I met with another charity that was enjoying post-Covid growth. With ambitious plans for the coming years the board of trustees were keen to get support for both HR and health and safety. The organisation had previously employed a HR administrator, but outsourcing HR support was a more cost effective solution.

Outer London and Kent HR Advice

I provide HR advice to plenty of businesses in Kent too. I have been to Bromley, Beckenham and Orpington helping with a range of HR issues including theft, a drunk manager and an employee who wanted a new contract to reflect their new non-binary identity.

The most common question is, ‘what can I do?’ The answer inevitably is, ‘it depends on what is written in the employee’s contract’. The importance of well-written HR documents can not be understated.


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