My role as a health and safety consultant has seen me travel across Kent and London in the last few weeks. Health and safety effects all businesses irrespective of their size or what they do. However the scope and level of risk varies between businesses.

Health and Safety Consultant

One of my meetings recently has been within my favourite environment – a warehouse. The business had recently been purchased and the new owner wanted to do things correctly. This is one of the best things a health & safety consultant can hear! Within the warehouse there were numerous hazards including:

  • high racking
  • pump trucks
  • a forklift truck
  • steep stairs to the mezzanine office
  • broken pallets
  • electrical wiring with electrical tape
  • plenty of combustible material
  • leaking storage silo

I explained how I would be able to support this business by setting up a health and safety management system and providing software to help provide risk assessments for the business processes.

Fire Risk Assessment

At another prospective customer who need health and safety support in London, a fire risk assessment was the priority. She forgot to arrange one in April and the business was now unable to obtain finance. Alas, the fire risk assessment was a key requirement of the lender. This was a key example of how health and safety can impact a business in different ways. Other external stakeholders that have an interest in a business’s health and safety include:

  • the fire brigade
  • HSE
  • local council
  • finance companies
  • insurance providers

I was able to arrange the fire risk assessment for this customer. I showed her how the Peninsula software will allow her to create risk assessments and how to use the responsibilities planner so she would never forget an important task again.

Business Start-up

At another prospect I met with a business owner who was about to open her juice and sandwich bar. However she hadn’t considered any health and safety or indeed employment law factors. I explained how I could support her with both by supporting her with the initial HR documentation and H&S handbook. Then provide software for managing the requirements on a day-to-day basis and providing on going support.

I really enjoy providing an outsourced health and safety service in Kent and London. With my manufacturing industry background I particularly love the industrial settings and can give advice based on my years of experience. If you would like to discuss health and safety at your business, contact me now.


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